Soll loves mouths and collects them via the internet. Big and small, full and thin, closed and open. With makeup and piercings, with silicone implants or Botox, moist or dry. Mouths that chew and mumble, gossip, lick lollipops, or chew gum. Mouths that kiss and those that vomit. Mouths also speak, and Soll adores language. Sometimes mouths breathe. Soll has turned mouths into buttons, jewelry, and fashion objects by extruding their images. Soll translates from person to image, from image to 3D model, from model to button, from button to jacket, from jacket to image, and from image to editorial.

Your Image Is My Weave and All I Want Is a Racing Coat

Following his current motto "Your Image Is My Weave and All I Want Is a Racing Coat", and obsession with motorbikes and their gear, Soll starts to collect images of artworks from the Device_art 7.021 exhibition catalogue, an action some would call theft. By appropriating all the available data, Soll instrumentalizes this exhibition to weave a Racing Coat, and cast a Silver Coin.

E.A. 1/1 A.I. S/S NFT Collection

E.A. 1/1 A.I. S/S NFT Collection designed by SOLL is a colection of non-fungible tokens lying on the public Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721). Once you buy a Look, you will also be given a download link for a large printable file.